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Coachingpaca Business School  

COACHINGPACA Business school

COACHINGPACA Business school

COACHING PACA Marseille is a state recognized vocational training center and a private establishment of higher education, we host students and teaching staff from all over the world, the school is situated in Marseille, which happens to be a multicultural destination, This family business has the ambition to send and host apprentices from all around the world, particularly destinations likes Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and the U.S.A. COACHING PACA is also a training and consulting center for companies all around France. Its director offers a professional strategy coaching to companies in difficulty, to those looking for expanding their activity, and other services such as reviewing the strategy of these entities. 

Under the supervision of Mister Bruno Joly, Director of COACHING PACA, we use a variety of formal and non-formal methods to generate learning. Our learning programme includes providing some space for our students to reflect on their learning and their future. Mr Joly is a personnel professional Coach, in addition to his administrative tasks that includes hosting apprentices, treating their applications and elaborating the apprenticeship contracts. He also manages finding them internships and job opportunities after their graduation. 

This school’s degrees and services are based on a wide range of training programs including the following:  


Undergraduate programmes 

- Continuous training 

- BRIGHT English Certification (TOEIC English test)  
- TOEIC English ETS Global


Graduate programmes 


- BTS Marketing and Sales Manager (Responsable Marketing et commercial, Bac+2) is a two-year degree, the final exam is organized by the Local Education Autorithy located at the place of residence of each student. 


Postgraduate programmes 

- Specialized Master’s degree in the Management of organizations (Mastère Manager des Organisations): this two-year long program is taught at COACHING PACA in French; it is accessible for students with a Bachelor’s degree (BAC+3). It represents a professional-oriented programme aimed at providing specialization or double qualifications for students, in accordance with companies’ needs. This course has become the prime choice graduate degree for students desiring to work in enterprises.  

All our graduate programmes are state-recognized degrees and with our internationalization and our desired future collaboration with the Erasmus Agencies, we hope to become recognized around the world as an education center that provides the specific knowledge needed for today's global companies. 

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